How To Install WordPress On Subdomain in Just 2 STEPS

Installing WordPress in a subdomain enhances website organization. Utilize subdomains for specific content, enabling seamless navigation and improved user experience

By: Belal Hossain

Published: July 31, 2022

Are you troubling to install WordPress in your subdomain? You are in the right place. Today I am going to show you how to install WordPress on a subdomain in minutes. Let’s jump to the tutorial.

We will follow 2 STEPS to install WordPress on Subdomain

  1. Create A Subdomain
  2. Install WordPress On the Subdomain

STEP 1: Create A Subdomain

To Create A Subdomain,

(i) First, Go to and login to your cPanel by entering cPanel credentials.

(ii) Search for subdomain and Click on the Subdomain’ Option

(iii) Now choose a sub-domain name, select your primary domain, and click Create button

Now Your subdomain has been Created

STEP 2: Install WordPress On Subdomain

To Install the WordPress

(i) Search for WordPress and click on the ‘WordPress Manager by Softaculous‘ Option

(ii) Now Click on the Install Button and fill up the details. Then scroll down and Click Install Again

WordPress has been installed successfully on your subdomain

To Login WordPress Dashboard/Admin Panel,

Go to and enter the credentials that you created during WordPress Installation and then hit Login

This is How To Install WordPress On Subdomain

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